Three More Reasons Not To Use Linux

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Last week I read a half-witted blog post citing "3 Reasons why we shouldn't use Linux". I've got one tip for TechBirdy, the blog author.

sudo apt-get a clue

TechBirdy's reasons are either borne out of complete ignorance, or from a desire to spread pure FUD.

Being a Linux user, I thought: what are some good reasons to not use Linux? The following are the best reasons I could come up with.

1. Software updates are too frequent.

Most Linux distro's post updates several times per month. How can you be assured that these updates have been thoroughly tested if they don't follow a strict schedule for release? You would be much better off using an OS that provides updates on the second Tuesday of each month. That way you know that the updates are of the highest possible quality. Better yet, use an OS that charges it's customers for relatively minor updates. Nothing comforts me more than paying at least $29 for some minor updates. The fact that they charge for the updates assures that the software has been thoroughly tested. I think $29 is a small price to pay for a little peace of mind.

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2. Not all hardware is supported.

When you purchase a new piece of computer equipment, you can count on getting a CD with the official Windows system drivers to help you get your new hardware working (or at least get the web address to download the drivers). When was the last time you bought something that had a CD of Linux drivers with it? Sure, there's a pretty good chance that your hardware will just work right out of the box with Linux, but there's a chance it won't. Can you really afford to take that chance? Linux programmers are much too busy adding system support for new technology that no one uses yet, like USB 3.0 or IPv6.

3. It doesn't run exe's.

Linux can't natively run Windows .exe files. Sure, there's the Wine compatability layer, or Crossover Office (based on Wine), but when you receive a free application in your email from a wealthy Nigerian gentleman who wants to give you millions of dollars for just a few minutes of your time, who has time for compatability layers. It's best to just get down to installing that program. Time is money, and your time is valuable. After all, you're about to become a millionaire!

I'm sure there are lots of other good reasons not to use Linux. Let me know in the comments.


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