Ubuntu on “The Big Bang Theory”

May 17, 2010 by
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I was watching "The Big Bang Theory" on TV tonight. The show closed tonight with Sheldon sitting on the couch with his Dell XPS Alienware m15x laptop and sighing to himself, "Oh Ubuntu, you are my favorite Linux based operating system."

Big score for Ubuntu & Linux on US prime time television!

Edit: Here's the video on YouTube.


8 Responses to “Ubuntu on “The Big Bang Theory””

  1. [email protected] says:

    This was absolutely lame. He would never go for the most noob nix. It would be OpenBSD, I guess. At least Debian or Slackware.

  2. tlamer says:

    i suppose that sheldon would use smth with complete controll :) smth like gentoo... with customized kernel of course :D

  3. Vader says:

    It's very clear that it's a TV show. Considering that Ubuntu is a kind of 'Home Edition' of Debian, any person with a PhD would have mostly preferred GNU/Linux in it's original Debian distro, for reasons that should be obvious.

  4. Adriaan says:

    Tonight is the first time that I've encountered your site Linerd. It is great! Do you have a Facebook group? Page ? I`ll try and keep updated with news from your site!

    I am new to Linux, loving Ubuntu though

    • Linerd says:

      Thanks for the compliment. No, I don't have a page on Facebook page for this site. However, I am on Twitter. Probably the best way to make sure you don't miss any new content is to subscribe by email or subscribe to the RSS feed.

  5. Erik says:

    That wasn't an XPS.

    It was an Alienware m15x special edition: nebula red.

    • Linerd says:

      Thanks for the correction. He used to have a red XPS didn't he? Dell must have decided he needed an upgrade.

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