Command Line Basics: Compare Files With diff

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In my job as a mechanical engineer, I work with large text files for finite element analysis models. I sometimes have to run several iterations to evaluate different design proposals and I need to check my models against the baseline to make sure that only the intended changes are included. The tool I use to compare files is diff. Read more

How To Resample Audio Files With GStreamer

April 9, 2011 by · 3 Comments
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One of the older posts on this site shows how to resample MP3 files on Linux with LAME. One of the problems with that process is that the MP3 tags are not maintained when resampling, so I had to work around the issue by copying certain tags from the original files to the new files. As it turns out, there's a way to use the GStreamer framework to resample audio files and maintain the tags. In this post I'll show the commands you can use to resample audio files to both constant bitrate and variable bitrate MP3's. Read more