Review: Sabrent 68 in 1 Internal Card Reader

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Back before the Christmas Holidays, I purchased the Sabrent 68 in 1 USB 2.0 Internal Card Reader/Writer from NewEgg. It was the Shell Shocker deal of the day with a cut rate price and free shipping. It was less than $10, so I figured I'd give it a try. I was ordering some Christmas gifts anyway, so this item wasn't really the focus of my order. Read more

Review – Sony MDR-NC6 Noise Canceling Headphones

October 13, 2008 by · 1 Comment
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Somehow I got it in my head that I wanted a pair of noise canceling headphones. I don't fly all that often, so I'm not sure why I even need them. Anyway, not wanting to part with several hundred dollars, I decided on the Sony MDR-NC6 headphones which can be found in most big box stores in the US for about $50. The headphones require 1 AAA battery for the noise cancelling function. With noise canceling turned off they work as normal, passive headphones. Read more

Review – Logitech LX8 in Windows XP

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If you're looking for how to set up the LX8 with Linux, it's here.
Installing Logitech's Setpoint software was routine.  Unfortunately, this small download, (54.1MB), took more than 5 minutes to download from Logitech's server.  After completing the download, the installation was the typical Windows Installation Wizard procedure. Read more