Reset GRUB Default System After OS Installation

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From time to time I like to test out a new Linux distribution or just an updated version of my current distribution. I've created extra partitions on my hard drive for these test installations. All of the distributions I've tried so far require a boot loader to be installed to the hard drive as part of the process. This creates the minor problem of the test installation taking over the boot process. I prefer to have my main Linux installation handle the booting process. The following steps will show how to hand boot control back to your main Linux installation with the GRUB 2 boot loader. Read more

Create a Bootable USB Drive with Ubuntu and FreeDOS

May 8, 2009 by · 21 Comments
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Sometimes you just need a DOS boot disk. Many motherboard manufacturers and computer companies only provide DOS based BIOS update utilities. A further challenge is that many computers no longer have floppy disk drives. The solution is to create a bootable USB drive that boots to FreeDOS. The beauty of this method is that you can create a DOS boot drive using only free software. Read more

Windows 7 Hosed my Boot Record

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Last weekend I finally decided to give the Windows 7 beta a try. I've got three hard drives in my computer. Drive 1 has Windows 2000 and Ubuntu 8.04 on it. The Grub boot loader is on the master boot record to select the OS at boot time. Drive 2 is set up as a storage drive. Drive 3 is set up with a large storage partition along with a 20 GB boot partition that had Fedora 10 on it. I purposely had this set up separately for testing. It requires changing the boot order in the BIOS in order to use it. This seemed like the perfect place to install Windows 7 to try it out. Read more