Tux Tweaks – Now With Threaded Comments

January 25, 2010 by · Leave a Comment
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I spent a great deal of time this weekend working on updates to my WordPress theme. One of the more noticeable changes is the addition of support for threaded comments. The function has been available in WordPress since version 2.7, but I didn't get around to modifying my theme until now. Hopefully, this will make the comments section a little more useful. Read more

Re: Selling vs. Shaming

October 11, 2009 by · 1 Comment
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I read a post today on Zonker's blog called Selling vs. shaming. In it, the author argues that it's better to have non-free software loaded on a mostly free software system if it pleases the user, rather than have a pure free software system that doesn't meet the user's wants or needs. I couldn't agree more. Read more

TuxTweaks Got Hacked

October 10, 2009 by · 2 Comments
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Today I was trying to debug why my Feedburner feed would not display properly in Google's Chrome browser. What I discovered was that there was some code creating errors in my site's original RSS feed. After a bit of searching on the offending code, I ran across a post on my hosting provider's support forum. Read more

Name The Next Apple Product

August 4, 2009 by · Leave a Comment
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Yesterday, CNET had an article about the rumored new tablet computer from Apple. They're running a poll for the suggested name of the new computer. As of this writing, "iDon'tCare" is the leading suggestion with 36.5% of the vote. Read more

Ubuntu Makes It To Primetime

July 31, 2009 by · Leave a Comment
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Ubuntu is Goode

Tonight is the first time I caught the new animated comedy TV show, The Goode Family on ABC. The Goode Family was created by Mike Judge of Beavis and Butthead, Office Space, and King of The Hill fame. The ultra-liberal, vegan, Goode family have an adopted son who is a white South African named Ubuntu! They do mispronounce is as You-bun-too, but it's cool none the less. Read more

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