Put Your Own Face on Tux – Wii Fit Review

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We got a Nintendo Wii back in May and have enjoyed playing with it off and on. Not long after getting the Wii, my wife mentioned wanting to get a Wii Fit. Well, it ended up taking longer to get our hands on a Wii Fit than it did to get the Wii console. While browsing the Black Friday ads last week, my wife saw that the local game stores would have Wii Fit in stock for the biggest shopping day of the year here in the US. So I got up early Friday morning to head down to the game store. By 7:25 AM I was happily walking out of the store with my Wii Fit in hand having paid retail price rather than paying hundreds of dollars extra to some E-Bay scumbag. Read more

Review: HP 2207 22″ Flat Panel Monitor

September 10, 2008 by · 2 Comments
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I've been using the HP 2207 Flat Panel Monitor for a few months now and overall I'm quite pleased. I've been spoiled at work for quite a while with a large 23" monitor for CAD work, so it's been nice to have something similar at home. I won't bother with listing the full technical specs here. If you want to see the specs, they are available at hp.com and cnet.com.Here are the things I like about this monitor. Read more

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