Free vs. Proprietary and HTML5

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I just read a couple of articles (x264Dev and Phoronix) about the latest open source decoder for the recently open sourced VP8 codec from Google/On2. It turns out that the new ffvp8 decoder library from the FFmpeg developers is already outperforming the libvpx decoder that was released as open source by Google back in May.  Read more

Enable The Flash Plugin For Chromium In Ubuntu

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I've shown previously how install the Chromium web browser in Ubuntu. Today I'm going to show you how to easily enable the Adobe Flash plugin for use in Chromium.

You've probably already installed the Flash plugin for Mozilla Firefox, but if not, install it from the command line with:   Read more

Install The Chromium Browser in Ubuntu

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Most of us by now have heard of Google's Chrome web browser. The Chrome browser is based on an open source project called Chromium. There's not really much difference between the two. Chromium is basically just Chrome without the Google branding and without the extensive EULA.

You can install the Chromium browser from the PPA for Ubuntu Chromium. Read more

How To Reload The Gnome Panel Menu

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Sometimes when you install a new program from the Ubuntu repositories, it doesn't show up on the menu until you log out and log back in. You can easily reload the Gnome panel though by killing the process and restarting it. Simply open a terminal window and enter the following: Read more

Keep Your Screen Awake With Caffeine

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Many Linux media players do a great job of keeping your screen saver from activating when you're watching a video. But what about when you're watching videos online? Firefox and other major browsers have no such feature to keep your screen active while watching videos. Read more