1. I wasn't able to get this working on Linux Mint 17.2 xfce with the latest (v46) stable 64 bit version of Chrome so I installed the 32 bit beta version and it worked! Thanks for the great post!

  2. jBoyd

    Couldn't get netflix working with Chrome browser in Mint 17.2 XFCE until I tried your tweaks. Now it works fine with the user agent switcher. Also turns out that I the packages didn't need to update thru the terminal commands. They already were up to date.

    Much thanks for the tips.

  3. jwillar

    Since July 30 this does not work. I can auto login to Netflix, navigate the menu but when I launch a movie/show I get an "Whoops, something went wrong..> with an error code: M7121-1331-6037.
    I've tried this with the beta release too and even rebooted my Mint 17.1 system. Did Netflix kill this hacks access? I'm now setting up KODI to replace Netflix but would like to have this resolved if possible. Thanks.


    • I tried it out on Mint 17.1 using the latest stable version of Chrome, it worked as usual for me. Don't use the user agent switcher. It should work natively now.

  4. Alina

    This works great. I have the current release of Chrome on Mint 17. I installed the agent switcher and didn't even have to restart the pc to get perfect streaming. This solution was simple, elegant and it works.
    Thank you!!!!


    • I'm glad it worked for you. To be clear, you only need the latest version of Chrome now. There is no need for the useragent switcher. Netflix has updated their useragent filters to allow current versions of Chrome.

  5. NH82

    Works fine for me, thanks for the instructions! I'm running the 64-bit edition of Linux Mint 17 Cinnamon on my HTPC. As I live in Europe, I additionally installed ZenMate to get the U.S. only content. It seems there's no longer any need for me to use Windows on this computer now, as I've only needed it to watch Netflix. Thanks once more for the help, the instructions were thorough and easy enough to follow.


  6. Thank you so much! I had to use Google Chrome Beta in order for it to work, but that is not a big deal at all.

  7. Howie

    I got it working on Chrome on Linux Mint17 however when i am not moving the mouse it states it is paused and dims out but it never pauses.
    Any ideas?


    • I'm having some issues with Chrome in Linux Mint 17 when GPU rendering is enabled under Advanced Settings in Chrome. In my case, Chrome doesn't behave properly when switching to full screen. This is independent of trying to stream Netflix. You could try disabling GPU Rendering in Chrome to see if that helps. I'm guessing you won't be happy with the way video looks in that case though.

  8. Kris

    Thanks very much for this, worked first time!

    Using a fresh install of Linux Mint 17 all I had to do was install mainstream Chrome and follow the user agent switcher instructions then it just worked. This was something that had stopped me moving to Linux as my main OS for some time...

  9. Kane

    Thanks for the instructions, Netflix worked perfect! The only thing you may need to update is that you no longer require the Beta version of Chrome. Here's my current version of Chrome: { Version 37.0.2062.120 (64-bit) }.I'm currently using Linux Mint 17 Cinnamon 64 Bit, Cinnamon Version 2.2.16 Linux Kernel 3.13.0-24-generic.

    Thanks again for the simple and effective way of getting Netflix working.


    • Thanks for the update. I guess version 37 made it from Beta into production.

      • Steve

        Well, the "latest" Chrome won't run Netflix, even after following all the instructions. The WidevineCdm is missing in the latest Chrome : Version 39.0.2171.65 Built on Ubuntu 14.04, running on LinuxMint 17.1 (64-bit)

        Also, some of the settings recommended for the agent switcher do not exist any longer .
        Still no joy!


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