1. Hey, can you please recommend some good opensource network traffic management tool that can also control the bandwidth of Internet in my office.

  2. Ron HD

    I had to make a couple of adjustments to your commands to get it to work: first, add "-p" before "2112" in the first command, and "-n" before the ip address in the second.

    Josh's suggestion also works very well.

    For both, make sure of course that there's no firewall blocking the incoming ports on the host acting as the server.

  3. anonymous

    You can also try http://dl.getipaddr.net

    They use curl (which is a well known command line utility) to run a speed test.

    The code is published on GitHub as well. In short,

    wget https://raw.github.com/blackdotsh/curl-speedtest/master/speedtest.sh && chmod u+x speedtest.sh && bash speedtest.sh


    • Yeah, I've seen similar tools. The purpose of this post is to test the local network speed. The are many tools available to test internet connection speed.


  4. There is a handly scrit to check the speed from the terminal using Speedtest.net:

  5. Josh

    That's the wrong tool. The best way to test network performance is iperf.

    Set up the server on machine 1

    iperf -s

    The run it from the other machine.
    For a unidirectional tcp test do
    iperf -c serverIP

    For a bidreictional tcp test do
    iperf -c serverIP -d


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