1. __N3WL!F3

    and you think that is gonna help ? right ..? Listen man this is a wonderful tutorial by ###Linerd#### and i thank him for it , we beginners are trying to become Linux Ninjas , and are saying NO to ready made tools @@@ asfix90 I ll d write a script instead to do just that .... thanks once again for this tutorial ###Linerd####


  2. I'm sorry, I meant "external IP address" where I said "adress" and "sudo apt-get install curl" instead of "sudo apt-get curl".
    Now, I'm trying to modify my external IP address at my domain provider's website automatically. I'm thinking in lynx to login at the website's control panel and modify it. Have you any idea to illustrate me? Thanks in advance.


  3. You can use curl to obtain your external IP adress:
    sudo apt-get curl

    curl ifconfig.me

  4. AC

    I run ifconfig to get the IP address (Ubuntu 12.04).

    • Linerd

      ifconfig will only tell you your IP address on your LAN. It will not tell you the external Internet IP address.


  5. There are many methods and tutorials that teach you how to find an ip address,I use this tool http://www.ipgp.net/ to display information about any ip address, just enter any IP address into the box and you will get the country, city, region, ISP, street address and the satellite location map for every query.


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