1. I'm glad to hear that you have a favorable view of Mint 14 as I am about to use it on my U120. Good to hear they fixed the wifi thing upon coming back from hibernate. That was annoying.

  2. Jeffery Sikes

    Although I did have issues with Linux Mint 12 and 13 on some machines, 14 is as stable. I installed it on a new Lenovo N series laptop with no failures, Mint found the braudcom and AMD drivers I needed and suggested they be installed. The system is clean and its fast and its stable. Installing other software from the Mint store is quick and easy. At this point in time, I am considering a completed shift away from windows and over to Mint 14 for business purposes. With this latest version of Mint, there is simply no reason for supporting Microsoft and their latest Frankenstein version of Windows (Windows 8).

    Since Android is basically Linux, it should be logical that the future of Android devices and Linux distributions will be fully compatible, allowing the devices to intermingle with each other (another reason for giving up on the old dinosaur Windows). Business people who cannot see this eventual paradigm shift will be in reactionary mode in the future, as they attempt to scramble to and setup Linux for the business operations and hardware.


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