Ubuntu Makes It To Primetime

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Ubuntu is Goode

Tonight is the first time I caught the new animated comedy TV show, The Goode Family on ABC. The Goode Family was created by Mike Judge of Beavis and Butthead, Office Space, and King of The Hill fame. The ultra-liberal, vegan, Goode family have an adopted son who is a white South African named Ubuntu! They do mispronounce is as You-bun-too, but it's cool none the less. Read more

How To Add an Item To The GNOME Menu For All Users

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I've shown previously how to add an item to Ubuntu's (or any Gnome desktop) menu, but that post only showed how to edit the menu for a single user. In this post I'll show how to add an item to the menu so it shows up for every user on the system. I'm going to add a special icon to launch a terminal window from the Applications->Accessories menu in Ubuntu. You can find more info at the GNOME Documentation Library. Read more

How to Configure Apache Web Server on Linux

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I've shown previously how to install a LAMP server in Ubuntu. If the purpose of your LAMP installation was to set up your own web development environment, then you may want to do some further configuration to your system. This Apache howto is not intended to cover Apache configuration in depth. This is just some basic configuration to help you set up a web development environment in Linux. For more information, see the official Apache documentation. Read more

Who or What Else Did Hans Reiser Kill?

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Linux file system guru Hans Reiser has managed to hit #2 on Google Trends ranking of internet searches at the time of this writing. This is apparently due to coverage of his wife's murder and his subsequent conviction being aired on American TV tonight.

When I first began to dabble with Linux, ReiserFS was one of the up and coming file systems available. It was touted as being superior to ext2 and was even the default file system on an install of SuSE 9.3 (it may have been their earlier, but that's when I started using SuSE). Read more

What OS Do You Run On Your Netbook?

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The web is rife with articles and blog posts citing statistics of Windows vs. Linux on netbooks. Nearly all of these articles mention the stats of the pre-installed OS from online and brick and mortar stores. A quick search of NewEgg.com yielded  one netbook with Linux pre-installed and 63 running Windows XP. There were also another 15 running various versions of Vista. So it seems that those that desire to purchase a netbook running Linux have little choice from retailers. Read more