How To Control Fan Speeds in Ubuntu

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First, you need some cpu temperature monitor software. For Ubuntu you need to install a package called lm-sensors. It's available in Ubuntu's main repository. All the commands listed in this howto should be executed from the terminal.

sudo apt-get install lm-sensors

Then you need to run sensors-detect. Read more

How To Install avast! Antivirus in Windows XP

August 24, 2008 by · 7 Comments
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Avast! antivirus is a virus protection software that is free for home use. This post will walk you through installation and basic configuration on Windows XP. I assume that the procedure would be similar for Windows 2000 and Windows Vista. Read more

How to Launch a Program in Ubuntu Without Using The Menu

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This is pretty basic functionality in Ubuntu, but it's not obvious to new users. To open the Run Application dialog, just hit Alt+F2 on your keyboard. A little dialog will appear where you can type a command. For example, to start Mozilla Firefox, hit Alt+F2 and then type firefox at the prompt and click on Run. The Firefox browser should start up. Read more

Review – Logitech LX8 in Windows XP

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If you're looking for how to set up the LX8 with Linux, it's here.
Installing Logitech's Setpoint software was routine.  Unfortunately, this small download, (54.1MB), took more than 5 minutes to download from Logitech's server.  After completing the download, the installation was the typical Windows Installation Wizard procedure. Read more

Google Starts “Free The Airwaves” PR Campaign

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Today, Google launched their "Free The Airwaves" PR campaign. Their goal is to open the frequency spectrum whitespace that will be left when TV goes fully digital in Feb. 2009 and make it available for universal wireless internet. The FCC has many ideas about what this whitespace could be use for.

From the Free The Airwaves website: Read more

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