1. Avast is probably the best free anti virus software, and i think it is much better than norton avc and the rest of em

  2. Molly Macias

    not bad


  3. I love Avast. I have never had any problems out of it, and it has always installed and worked flawlessly. It could use a good manual, but that is the worst thing I have to say about it. It is truly a set it and forget it antivirus application.


  4. few days i install ready but last night i tuch inccorect so they will change but i like my avast very easy to use

  5. J Rigarlsford

    Hi, I had a big problem when I upgraded AVG from V8 to V9!
    The computer man deleted V9 and replaced it with V8.5
    I keep getting reminders to upgrade to V9!
    I am not sure I want to do this and wonder if I'm still fully protected?
    I am thinking of installing Avast, BUT...
    Do I un-install AVG before or after I install Avast?
    Any help would be appreciated before I take the plunge!

    Cheers John

    • Linerd

      John - I've had good luck with Avast (although I don't think I've challenged it very much).

      AVG eventually cuts off support for older versions. I'm not sure how long they overlap, but you will eventually stop getting virus definition updates from them.

      Antivirus programs are notorious for not getting along with each other, so I'd suggest uninstalling AVG before you install Avast. If you're concerned about being unprotected, download the Avast installation file, disconnect from the internet, uninstall AVG, reboot, install Avast (say yes to do a boot time scan), reboot. Avast will then be protecting your computer and you can go back online.

      If you don't want to bother with setting up a scheduled scan with avast!, make sure to change your Windows screen saver to use the avast! screen saver. This will scan your computer whenever the screen saver is activated.


  6. Thanks to Avast, my computer was not infected, but my online (at yahoo) email was and became part of a botnet. I think yahoo has remedied the situation now, but what an emotionally devastating situation. It has made me appreciate even more what avast protects me from. Thanks Avast!


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