1. Hi, thanks for your guide. Out of interest I have discovered that media players on my android HTC Desire can't read the metadata when used with this extension. If I change the file extension to .ogg then all is well.


    I read that .oga is the standard as far as the developers are concerned but in reality things are not being implemented that way.

    "ogg has traditionally been used for Vorbis I files, in particular in HW players, hence it is kept for backwards-compatibility "

  2. sergio

    It so complicated.
    Why there isnt a GUI for this?

    • Linerd

      GStreamer is an application framework. It's not really intended for end users to use it in this way. One GUI application I've tried is OggConvert. Another worth checking out is SoundConverter. You can find a full list of applications that use GStreamer here.

    • virgo

      you can use gtkmm along with gstreamermm if you want. Any programmer can make GUI.


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