1. Onray

    There's apps on most recent phones that can read and handle several different kinds of qrcodes, for example, you can create a phone contact item with a qrcode, after scanning, the user will be able to add the contact he just scanned. And for those that don't know, QR = quick response, and it usually is.

  2. Rafael

    Thx for the tip. btw any idea where about steps to read QR on a digital camera so to replicate it or print it in the desktop with the above Linux QRENCODE piece of software ?

  3. JohnTheRipper

    thx for posting it might be very usefull

  4. franky

    It generates QR codes given the supplied information, just like the article says.

  5. erickjohncuevas

    Good day, sorry for my question but what does it do? thnx


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