1. HCl1314

    One question, everytime I restart my VM my shared folder is still here (without editing the fstab file so no linked) but I cannot remove it. If I go to devices -> shared folder -> remove share folder:

    Failed to remove the shared folder "blabla" (pointing to path_on_host) from the virtual machine VMname

    Please close all the programs in the guest OS that may be using this shared folder and try again

    Could not remove the shared folder 'blabla' (VERR_PERMISSION_DENIED)

    I hesitate a bit to just rm ~/share

    Some advice ?


  2. Peter Nosko

    Thanks for posting this. It is nearly working for me. I can't get the fstab entry to work (yes,I triple-checked the syntax). I even tried putting the mount command that works from my user command line in rc.local. It didn't work there either. Go figure.

    BTW, your website has bee intermittently offline for the past 30 mins, and no cache was available at cloudflare. Just in case you wanted to know. It took 3 attempts to post this reply.

  3. sam

    in terminal: sudo mount -t vboxsf *sharedfolder* *mountpoint* --> where *sharedfolder* is the name of the folder in VirtualBox settings (host OS) under "shared folders" and *mountpoint* is where you want to have files from host os on you guest os linux e.g. /home/sam/myfiles

    • Mauricio

      Not who you are replying to, but thanks a lot!
      That protocol error was driving me insane!

    • jose

      I was trying a lot and I was unable to get my share files....

      looking on directories i think they could be... i found it in root /media/ folder, so just add the folder in vbox, open the linux guest and look for the media folder.

  4. Suvojit

    I am getting an error /sbin/mount.vboxsf: mounting failed with the error: Protocol error

    • Linerd

      Are you running Ubuntu Lucid Beta as your guest OS? I had this problem with the Alpha3 release of Lucid. I think it has to do with Ubuntu removing HAL and replacing it with DeviceKit for hardware interaction.

      Make sure you're using the latest version of VirtualBox and the latest version of VirtualBox Guest Additions. Though I'm not sure if VirtualBox has fixed the issue yet.

    • Linerd

      I'm running the latest updates in Lucid and the shared folders are now working.

  5. Jacob

    Thank you!

  6. FMG

    nothing easier as what you described, but what is with:

    share-folders linux-host & windows-virtual-machine virtualbox



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