1. Oyo

    There are preliminary Rockbox builds available for Android phones, fairly stable at this point. It runs as an app without replacing the firmware.
    I now have acceptable sound quality on my phone, although playback can sometimes freeze. A quick drag of the playback progress bar and the freeze is gone, (for a while:).

    It has replaced all of the other players on my Samsung Moment, and the touch screen makes it easier to navigate than the wheel and button controls on my Sansa e200.

  2. Tony

    Rockbox also works with the Sansa Fuze (Version 1) now.
    I downloaded it because I was interested in gap less playback and a better EQ.

    Two thumbs up.

  3. ShamiS

    Nice review, Linerd! Just wanted to point out, that with WinFF you can convert video files to rockboxed players with a preset without having to resort to the cli. Also I'm experiencing said hissing noise in the original firmware as well, although with the lower volumes in rockbox it certainly stands out more clearly. This is most likely a hardware issue on the e200 v1 series.

    • Linerd

      Hi ShamiS - Thanks for the comment. Yeah, I've heard that WinFF has some nice presets for RockBox, but I haven't gotten a chance to try it out yet. I must admit that I enjoy tinkering with the command line just for the learning opportunity it presents.

      Regarding the hissing sound, it tends to be much more subtle on the Sansa firmware (version 01.02.24A) on my player which makes me think there must be some software work around to reduce the effect. My gut tells me that throttling the buffer fill might help, but alas, I'm not a programmer, so I have no way to test that out.

      I need to do a little more testing, but it does seem that the hissing is reduced in duration when playing lower bitrate/smaller files. I'm also experiencing occasional skips on certain files, so I need to try re-encoding some of them to see if it resolves the issue.

      Overall, RockBox has been great. I'm so happy to be able to access my microSDHC card and play OGG and FLAC files. And it's wonderful to be able to convert videos without using that stupid Sansa Media Converter.


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