1. Thanks, I did not know this command. I usually just used “ls -l /dev/disk/by-uuid/”.

    Even though “blkid” works fine, “blkid [device]” does not work (it just does not output anything). Any hints?

    • Linerd

      Yeah, I just learned the command myself. I've used the same ls command in the past.

      It's funny. I wrote this post on my netbook running Ubuntu Jaunty and it worked fine. Now on my Karmic desktop I have the same issue. Even blkid did nothing at first until I invoked it with sudo. Maybe the default behavior in Jaunty is different. Try something like:

      blkid -u filesystem /dev/sda3

      Take a look at

      blkid -h

      for usage options.

    • Linerd

      As a point of interest, here's the version info from blkid -v from Ubuntu Jaunty

      blkid 1.0.0 (12-Feb-2003)

      and from Karmic

      blkid from util-linux-ng 2.16 (libblkid 2.16.0, 10-Feb-2009)

      This would likely explain the difference in behavior.


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