1. Thomas Benkly

    I have done this, yet only the shutdown splash is affected. Any suggestions?

    • JDL

      I had this problem. I found out is that you have to update the init-ramfs. Run this: sudo update-initramfs -u -k all.


  2. WIndoze = kk doze

  3. joehann

    help me.. i stuck at spintynity theme splash.. how should i do?

  4. Baldemar Huerta

    "I want to understand how the changes are made to the system and I'd rather not install another program to make this simple change."

    This is why Linux will never be mainstream.

    Now, if the idea were: "I want to change the system and I'd rather not install another program to make this simple change, I can already do it with a built in menu selection in the os." Then, maybe Geekux might fly.

    • Linerd

      OK Baldemar, I'll bite. So how do I change the splash screen in Windows 7 using a built in menu? For that matter, how do I change the desktop environment in Windows 7? Oh, that's right, Microsoft doesn't offer any other desktop environment. Sure, I could download some hack to change to a different desktop environment, but that isn't built in. Yet somehow, Windows is the OS market share leader.

      The bottom line is, Linux and FOSS are about choice, not lock-in. Honestly, I don't really care if Linux is ever mainstream. It's the best system for me and I'll keep using it. If the sheeple want to continue using Windows or OS X, so be it.

      • WirelessMike

        Well said!

      • MAHAD

        I SALUTE YOU !!


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