1. Dave

    I just switched computers and am running same version of Ubuntu. I saved the .gourmet file on flash, but have yet to find a way to import all the recipes. When I try, I get an error saying the encoding is different. So what is the correct process to import all the old recipes into a new Gourmet installation on a different computer?

  2. Elmer

    Is it possible to disable the USDA, from the nutrition manager. It doesn't match the danish standards that well, and you have to be very creative, naming the alternatives, being able to alter the values.

  3. Elmer

    Of course it's a plugin!!! One very simple maneuver. I am now a very happy man, thank you very much.
    (Tried running it in win7 as well, but it's rather old (ver. 0.13.4) and it crashes all the time, and the nutrition manager can't handle the units. Does win. versions just lag behind? Anyway.. I like getting familiar with linux)

  4. Elmer

    What about the nutrition tab? It dosn't show. Tried the ver. above, all works fine, but the nutrition part...
    Is it 10.04? Perhaps I should upgrade...

    • Linerd

      Not sure if it was enabled by default when I wrote this, or if I had turned it on. I'm on 10.04 right now and you can enable it by going to Settings->Plugins and check the box for Nutritional Information.

  5. tca001

    I had the same problem!
    1. Remove Gourmet (using the Ubuntu Software Center)
    2. Goto http://sourceforge.net/projects/grecipe-manager/files/
    3. Download gourmet_0.15.6-2_all.deb
    4. Install this file.
    5. Now you can open Gourmet the same way as with the previous release of Ubuntu
    Good luck!

  6. spinsheet

    I am having the same issue with 10.10. Worked fine on 10.04 but it will not start after the upgrade. Anyone else have this issue?

  7. pravda

    Hi, I'm trying to run this application on Ubuntu 10.10 but it won't start. Can you tell me how did you install it?


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