1. Helmi

    I already installed avidemux software, but i can find any sub menu in the subtitler filter menu. Can you tell me how to download the subtitler plugin for avidemux?

  2. Suicune34

    I have some problem, I already clicked auto split but the srt sub didn`t split and some of the sub is not seen, can you help me?


  3. just use xvid option.


  4. I went to try this and it said video filters cannot be applied in 'Copy' mode, to apply filters the video must be transcoded.

    Which option do I choose there are over 10?

    Thank you from the people. In the orchard.

  5. Sanz

    Great! this is what I'm after. many many tks!
    btw, Lucid Lynx here. cheers for Ubuntu!


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