1. Linq

    Doesn't work in my Linux Mint 15 Olivia. Any suggestions please? Thank you!

  2. zolar1

    sudo apt-get download handbrake-gtk

    Haven't tried using it for offline install, but worth a shot. You have to do this after doing the above procedures on how to get it.

    I have a box I want to put it on that isn't connected to the internet.

    I wish Linux had a download GUI to get packages for offline installation....

    Oh, and one that lets you select the download directory with point and click.

    I can't seem to remember all these special commands to do much. GUI's are perfect for me 🙂


  3. Thanks for this, it really works!
    I recently studied on a film making course, I wrote the screenplay for a short film as part of the course and was also the 'star' of the film.
    I was given a DVD of the film at the end of the course but didn't know how to copy it to my hard drive, at least not in Linux which I mostly use.
    The website in the link is my writing website, by the way.


  4. Hola.
    ¡Pura vida! ¡Excelente!
    Muchas gracias por tu ayuda. Las instrucciones las da de manera precisa y sencilla.
    Nuevamente, muchísimas gracias.

  5. BJ

    As others have said, thanks for the simple and quick instructions on how-to install Handbrake... Both Sourceforge's and the Handbrake homepage didn't make it very clear.

  6. Ed Textor

    Thank you!!!!!

  7. Juergen

    Thanks for these exceedingly helpful instructions!

  8. nigel fletcher

    Many thanks, great instructions, worked a charm

  9. GelliJack

    Thanks for both your time and talent

  10. Chas

    Thanks for the simple instructions on installing handbrake for Ubuntu/Mint 13!

  11. Laurie

    Thank you so much for these instructions! I'm running LinuxMint 13 and had tried other suggestions as to how to install HandBrake, but your instructions are the only ones that worked for me. Thanks again, Laurie


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