1. Installed screenfetch in Ubuntu 17.10 and ran it. Great ASCII art for background wallpaper. Thanks.

  2. Timothy Onyiuke

    Awesome stuff! Thanks man.

  3. Kenneth

    Ubuntu 16.04 xenial:
    sudo apt install screenfetch

  4. Dalv

    You'd better wget it from github with `--no-check-certificate` option if you don't want certificate error

  5. Kris

    So cool man 😀 Many thanks

  6. vanya

    still helpfull 😀 thx


  7. I been searching on how to implement screenfetch in Linux Mint, thanks for sharing. 🙂

    • Chris Guiver

      re: Neil

      I assume you've installed screenfetch on mint; its not hard.
      Its only a file (screenfetch.sh) that
      (1) I downloaded
      (2) personally I inspected to ensure nothing malicious done
      (3) then copied [cp] to /usr/local/bin where I put my files to be run by all users

      and optional
      (4) rather than type .sh; I created a `ln -s` abbreviation (again in /usr/local/bin) so I didn't need to type .sh
      (5) I also found it was a little slow on some systems to use for common scripts, so a copy of output I stored in /usr/local/bin/screenfetch.out which is `cat` by scripts I wanted to use it in, but not wait. if you want to have the file updated regularly (at login etc) there are many ways to do it, but this is just something I did.


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