How To Install AVG Antivirus 7.5 in Ubuntu

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EDIT: This post was written for version 7.5 of AVG which is no longer available. The process is different for version 8.5 and there is no longer a GUI for AVG on Linux.

AVG Technologies, makers of the popular AVG Antivirus for Windows also makes a free version for Linux. Installing AVG Antivirus in Ubuntu Linux is fairly easy.

Download the .deb installation package from AVG's website. You can do this from the terminal with:


The dependencies should already be resolved for basic functionality, but you may want to make sure that you have the python, python-gtk2, and python-glade2 packages installed first.

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Once the download is complete, double click on the file in your file manager to install it with the Gdebi package installer. Click Install and enter your password when prompted.

Update the license information.

sudo /opt/grisoft/avggui/bin/

Enter your name and company information at the terminal prompts.

Add your userid to the avg group.

sudo addgroup userid avg

where userid is your log-in ID. You'll have to log out and back in for the group ID change to take effect.

You can now start AVG from the menu at Applications->Accessories->AVG for Linux Workstation.

AVG for Linux Workstation

AVG for Linux Workstation

You can now update the virus definitions with the Update button.

AVG for Linux Update

AVG for Linux Update

After the update is complete you can select an area of your computer to scan using the Test button.

General preferences can be modified under the AVG menu Service->Program settings.

For more information on advanced configuration options, check the AVG User Manual.


7 Responses to “How To Install AVG Antivirus 7.5 in Ubuntu”

  1. Linerd says:

    @Hugh & ninuninu - It appears that AVG for Linux has changed quite a bit since I originally wrote this post. The download link was originally which no longer works. I'm sorry, I should have tried the new version before I updated the download link.

    The new version of AVG for Linux has no GUI. It does automatically register with a free license during installation. The executables are located in /opt/avg/avg8/bin.

    If you want a GUI based virus scanner for Ubuntu, I suggest you check out ClamTK. You can install it with:

    sudo apt-get install clamtk
  2. ninuninu says:

    yeah, it just says:
    ~$ sudo /opt/grisoft/avggui/bin/
    sudo: /opt/grisoft/avggui/bin/ command not found

  3. Hugh says:

    I tried following the instruction on this page without success. The wget and installation seemed to work fine but there is /opt/grisoft/avggui/bin/ file.

  4. [...] installazione seguendo procedura di questo sito , ricevo errore in fase di download, o il server dove risiede è indisponibile oppure non esiste [...]

  5. hemsteinmay81 says:

    I got Cyberdefender antivirus software, and liked the free scanner and spyware remover that I bought the upgrade and it really saved my ass when I was near a deadline and it blocked a bunch of virus attacks I got from some websites.

    I did find out that they are a NASDAQ company, which means there is some accountability and that they sell a valid product. I will try the registry cleaner, since I had such a positive experience from Cyberdefender anti-virus.

    • Linerd says:

      I haven't tried Cyberdefender, so I can't attest to the quality of the product. However, being listed on NASDAQ is no guarantee of a valid product. It only means they have sold shares in their company and NASDAQ has chosen to list them.

      There is no registry to clean on Ubuntu, so you only need that if you're on Windows.

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