Gnumeric: A Light Weight Spreadsheet Program

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Most Linux and Open Source enthusiasts are familiar with the OpenOffice.Org office suite. OpenOffice is great, but sometimes you just need a lighter and faster alternative. Maybe you've got a netbook or an older computer and you don't need a full, integrated, office suite, but just a few of the main applications like a word processor and a spreadsheet program. Gnumeric is one such spreadsheet program.

Gnumeric is available for Linux and 32 bit Windows. If you're running Ubuntu Linux, you can install Gnumeric from a terminal with

sudo apt-get install gnumeric gnumeric-plugins-extra

Once it's installed, you can find it in Ubuntu's menu ender Applications?Office?Gnumeric Spreadsheet.

Gnumeric Screenshot

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Even though Gnumeric is light and fast, that doesn't mean it's short on features. Check out the extensive feature list, (from the Gnumeric website).

  • Core capabilities
    • Functions
      • 100% of the worksheet functions in MS Excel (tm)
      • 154 functions not found in MS Excel (tm)
      • Basic support for financial derivatives (Black Scholes)
      • Basic support for telecommunication engineering
    • Analytics
      • Advanced Statistical analysis
      • Extensive Random Number generation
      • Linear and Non-linear solvers
    • Computation
      • Inter sheet dependencies
      • 3D dependencies
      • Implicit intersection
      • Implicit iteration
      • Dynamic dependencies
      • User defined names (for ranges and functions)
      • Arrays values and formulas
    • Misc
      • Summary information
      • Cell contents
      • Toolbar for common operations
      • Zoom
      • Multiple Views
      • AutoFilter
      • Goal Seek to determine break-even points
      • Tabulation tools (mail merge for spreadsheets)
      • Monte Carlo simulation tools
      • Hyper Links
      • Validation
      • Protection
    • Sheet objects
      • Lines, Arrows, ellipses, squares
      • Buttons, Scrollbars, Checkboxes
      • Images, Charts
    • Printing
      • Cell contents
      • Style information
      • Per sheet printer setups
      • Print preview
      • Print options
        • Page orientation
        • 6 margins + paper size
        • Headers + footers
        • Grid lines, comments, headings
        • Print order
    • Formats
      • All builtin Excel-like formats: number, currency, accounting, date, time, percentage, fraction, scientific, text, special
      • Compatible format description language
    • Styles
      • Borders - outer and inner, colors, diagonals, 13 line types
      • Colors - foreground, background, 18 pattern types
      • Fonts - font name, size, style (bold/italic), color
      • Horizontal alignments - general, left, right, center, fill, justify, center across selection
      • Vertical alignments - top, center, bottom, justify
      • Cell Merging, spanning, and wrapping
    • Charting
      • Pie plots
      • Ring plots
      • Bar/Col plots
    • Autofill
      • Autofill for various sequences is supported
    • Automatic guessing of input
      • Gnumeric will try to parse user entered input as a number with a format applied (so you can enter dates directly, and they will be stored as a number + a format to render it).
  • International
    • Gnumeric has been localized to various languages, and we welcome new contributions. It handles numeric formats properly for various countries and languages.
  • Import filters
    • XML (gnumeric format)
    • MS Excel (tm) 2,3,4,5,95,97,2k,XP
    • Applix (4, 5)
    • HTML (various)
    • CSV (comma separated values)
    • Lotus 1-2-3 .wk1 format
    • GNU oleo (rudimentary)
    • Quattro Pro
    • OpenOffice (sxc, not the older binary format)
  • Export filters
    • XML (gnumeric format)
    • MS Excel (tm) 5,95,97,2k,XP (including dual stream)
    • HTML (3.2, 4, xhtml)
    • LaTeX, Troff
    • PDF, EPS, DVI
    • CSV
  • Batch Processing
    • Translation from one file format to another

So as you can see, Gnumeric a quite a feature complete spreadsheet program that should meet almost anyone's needs. Check it out and give it a try.


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