1. EMMA

    thx but abit was trouble to decrypt cause U didn't show how to view the file from the pic but tried
    "cat secret.png > message.txt " then viewed the file ,hope it helps

  2. Alex

    thanks for this useful tips


  3. Steghide is also quite good fun! http://www.ubuntucymraeg.org/?p=758

    steghide embed -cf ffotograff.jpg -ef neges.txt

    where ffotograff.jpg is the image and neges.txt is the message you want to hide.

    Thanks for the geat tips on the blog.

  4. Prakash R

    Cool ! I found a similarly interesting article on installing wallpaper clocks at http://ubuntumanual.org/posts/246/installing-wallpaper-clock-in-ubuntu-in-3-simple-steps .Check it out !


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