1. Nice tutorial, but is there any virus on Linux system yet??

  2. jlynn

    I just loaded it onto 32 bit with no problems -- that is after following your directions above. Thanks

  3. beaxe

    Kindly provide info about how to install avast antivirus for ubuntu 9.10 desktop amd64 version of the great ubuntu software. Why do we still lack 64 bit software support from even big shot companies inspite of knowing that the future is in 64 bit computing? I'm very new to ubuntu and a Windows 7 RC user, but my inclination towards ubuntu has increased tremendously because its really awesome. Now I suggest many of my friends to switch or atleast give a try to ubuntu 9.10. Many of them did and now they are very happy with ubuntu 9.10. We all love ubuntu. If some minor compatibility issues are resolved then in my view ubuntu is the best.

  4. Anders Olsen

    The .deb file does not work on AMD64 systems. I tried to install it on ubuntu 9.10.

    • Linerd

      Anders - Thanks for the information. I don't have any 64 bit computers, so I've never had the chance to try and install it on one. I also haven't tried this on a 32 bit version of 9.10 yet. You might want to look into ClamAV, it may be able to run on a 64 bit system. Clamtk provides a nice graphical front end to ClamAV. You should be able to find both in the Ubuntu repositories.

  5. l-rl

    Very helpful

  6. Anonymous

    Hey thanks I hv been trying fr close to 2hrs to make this Avast to work on Ubuntu. though installed it just does not appear on the application menu but works fm terminal.

    now with yr help i got that problem solved



  7. AdyTcl eBotMaster

    Very helpfull ..very.. 🙂 Thx


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