1. Linerd

    I recently downloaded the CentOS 5.4 Live CD and it works on my Inspiron 2600 without any changes. I don't use this old laptop very often any more, so I haven't gotten around to doing a permanent install yet. I think CentOS will work well because it's based on the 2.4 kernel series which includes the older Intel video drivers. Intel has dropped support for the i810/i830 chips in the newer drivers, so Ubuntu is becoming more of a challenge on this laptop.

  2. Daniel


  3. Rob Lang

    Thanks for that top tip!

    Just an added joy, On the Dell A08 BIOS page, there is a handy 'other formats' link where you can get a hard drive version of the installer. It's still a Windows EXE but it installs to the HD so if you can't find a 3 1/4 inch floppy to save you life, you can still install it.


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