1. It doesn't run stably on centos 5.5 final. It happens that the system crashes every now and again and the screen turns black (indicators blinking to show that it's working some how. I have to press the power button, sometimes the screen-locked window appears, sometimes I have to reboot the system. Don't know what's wrong. Besides, been struggling in the last few days to get the wlan card working which has been a failure by far.

    still think it's a good one.


    • Linerd

      I'd try Fedora instead of Centos based on what I'm seeing for wireless drivers on RPMfusion. I tried it out on mine and I think the wifi was the only thing not working. Ubuntu 10.04 is what I'm running on mine. Everything is good and stable. The only issue is when you unplug the power and switch to battery. It misreads the remaining power and threatens to shut down. All I do is I click on the Power Manager icon in the system tray and then it properly reads the battery power remaining (it will show 4 hours left instead of 4 minutes). I think there's supposed to be a patch coming for that.

      For Centos, you could also try to compile the wireless driver yourself. Here's the page with the source code from Ralink. http://www.ralinktech.com/support.php?s=2

      Other than that, if you're not opposed to proprietary drivers, you could install ndiswrapper and use the windows driver for the rt2860.

  2. Linerd

    I had to download and install the CameraRecorder application in order to get it working. Hit Fn+F6 to turn on the webcam and then start the CameraRecorder program.

    As for Vista, I'm not sure if these tips will work for Vista. You may want to check the MSI Wind Forum to see if other users have been successful with Vista.

    You may want to consider installing Ubuntu on your MSI Wind. I rarely boot mine to XP any more.

  3. Anonymous

    I still cant get the webcam to work.
    i have windows vista thought, wouldnt be the cause of the problem though??

    Any suggestions onhow to get it started would help.

  4. Allen

    Try Fedora 10. I did- everything works! Even function keys.


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