1. Dmax

    So speed and rendering are compared.

    Should I have any concern with these browsers in terms of security?

    Are there any other concerns for the casual web-surfer that might affect browser choice?


    • Linerd

      Both Safari and Firefox have a decent security reputation which may be unjustified. I believe the Mac with Safari was the first to fall in the most recent Pwn2Own contest and Firefox wasn't far behind. "Hi, I'm a Mac. I got hacked in under 10 seconds!"

      The only browser to survive the hacking contest was Chrome. It sounds like Chrome's sandboxing technique is working.

      All that being said, a chain is only as strong as it's weakest link. I think all of the browsers become vulnerable through insecure plugins like Flash. Thanks, Adobe!

  2. Dmax

    Wow, I didn't realize how poorly I was being served until I read this post!

    But, given the clever advertising, I am going to flush your recommendation and go ahead and click on the add to go to IE8.


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