1. Jake

    @Tobea: put the {} in quotes, or it will fail with path and file names that contain spaces:

    find . -type f -name '*.mp3' -exec vbrfix '{}' '{}' \;

  2. Topea

    Got it to scan for all mp3s in directory and sub directories use > find . -name '*.mp3' -exec vbrfix {} {} \;

  3. Topea

    how to scan in sub directories? something like this "find -type f -name '*.mp3'" but to scan all mp3 files

  4. Ben

    So your saying I the command I should run to fix "Shine On You Crazy Diamond Parts I-V" is (without the brackets) [vbrfix "Shine On You Crazy Diamond Parts I-V.mp3" "Shine On You Crazy Diamond Parts I-V.mp3"]? I keep getting an error saying "Failed to open input file" when I do that.

  5. Cutlesnap

    Thank you, this fixed my mp3s!

    They had spaces in their names though, so I changed the command to:
    for i in *.mp3; do vbrfix "$i" "$i"; done


  6. Surely there's a typo in the third code example above? It uses "fixvbr" instead of "vbrfix" as a command.

    • Linerd

      Surely you are correct. It's fixed now. Thanks for the comment.


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