1. STS

    I had the same problem with my i3 but using linux Mint 12 but it works well after upgrading the kernel to the 3.0 series. You have a variety of Gnome type desktops to choose from as well even though I have been using XFCE lately for it's speed.


  2. Oh and amusingly his Gnome2 desktop isn't that far away from my Gnome Classic desktop setup!


  3. Oh yeah Windows "just works" that's if you use the garbage-bundled version that came with your PC, otherwise you still have to let it install drivers (or find them yourself), then find all your apps to install, then do all this again in around 6 months time when it's slowed to a major crawl!

    I have far less trouble with Ubuntu than I used to have with Windows and have been able to keep machines for longer and reuse others cast-offs, that either had no Windows license or an old Windows 2000, XP, or Vista License, and they wanted Win7.


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