1. Dazzza

    I just got me a new Laptop although it unfortunately had Windows 8 on it, and so it just lagged so badly I really needed something far more superior. Thankfully I installed Xubuntu and now my lappy just purrs along. Only downside was the nasty UEFI thing that was on my laptop, but after accessing the BIOS I got rid of that thing and install went swimmingly.

    Headsup to computer manufacturers, please don't tie me to one particular OS because you are lazy, let me install what the heck I like OK?

  2. Johnny

    Does the install process give an option to install GRUB to the super-block of the root partition; or is the only available option to install GRUB into the mbr? I was planning to chain-load Xubuntu using legacy GRUB on my multi-boot system.

  3. rijnsma

    What about remastering Xubuntu? Very, very important, when switching to another pc and taking there your OS.
    Was there some trouble with remastersys I heard? It is a horror I think to drop something beautiful and handy like remastersys and not replacing it with a sort of smooth tool or script.
    If there's no remastering I eventually will be forced to switch again to PCLOS for instance which would be a pity, because Xubuntu is a very fine, powerfull, fast system.

  4. Jiri

    Nice review. One issue i have is that two out of three boots won't start X. I fixed the same issue in previous version. It is caused by the SSD being too fast and the system trying to start X before all necessary processes are ready. The "sleep 2" command as explained in the page below fixes the problem for me. Kind of a "caveman" approach but works. I am surprised the bug has not been fixed yet.

    • Linerd

      Thanks for your tip. I haven't spent the money to get into an SSD yet. I guess things move to fast during boot and the sleep 2 allows some time to catch up.


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