Apple Screws iPhone Customers… Again

January 20, 2011 by · 2 Comments
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It seems as though Apple Inc. can't be satisfied by booming sales and record profits. Cupertino's evil empire has decided that it would be best to put tamper resistant screws into the iPhone. Of course that may be best for Apple's bottom line and not necessarily best for their customers.

Now, when faithful Apple customers bring their iPhones into an Apple store for a warranty repair, the standard Phillips screws are to be replaced with "Pentalobe" screws. Read more

From The “WTF, Apple?” Dept.

May 19, 2010 by · 2 Comments
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I just saw a story on ABC news tonight about Apple refusing to sell their beloved iPad's for cash. They would only sell them to credit card customers. They claim that it was to cut down on gray market sales.

Well, sorry Apple Geniuses. Have you ever taken a moment and read the words on a dollar bill? Read more

There’s Always One Bad Apple

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I've been following the story of the lost iPhone 4G prototype since the story broke on April 19 in technology blog Gizmodo. In the early days after the incident, it appeared that Apple was taking it all in stride. It even appeared that they had a good sense of humor about the whole situationRead more

Name The Next Apple Product

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Yesterday, CNET had an article about the rumored new tablet computer from Apple. They're running a poll for the suggested name of the new computer. As of this writing, "iDon'tCare" is the leading suggestion with 36.5% of the vote. Read more