Free vs. Proprietary and HTML5

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I just read a couple of articles (x264Dev and Phoronix) about the latest open source decoder for the recently open sourced VP8 codec from Google/On2. It turns out that the new ffvp8 decoder library from the FFmpeg developers is already outperforming the libvpx decoder that was released as open source by Google back in May.  Read more

Use The Chrome OS Start Page

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The web has been abuzz this week with the news that Google has released an early version of their new Chrome OS. This early version is actually the open source Chromium OS. If you really want to get a feel for this new operating system, you can follow the directions on the Chromium OS site to compile and build the OS to make your own flash drive image or VMware image. I was unable to get my VMware image running, but my flash drive image does work. Read more

10 Ways Google’s Chrome Browser Changes the Web

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Today Google announced the release of the public beta version (Windows only) of their new web browser, Chrome. The Chrome browser can be downloaded from here. Versions for Linux and OSX are expected in the near future. If you're looking for instructions to install on Linux using Wine, there is a nice writeup on Read more

Google Starts “Free The Airwaves” PR Campaign

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Today, Google launched their "Free The Airwaves" PR campaign. Their goal is to open the frequency spectrum whitespace that will be left when TV goes fully digital in Feb. 2009 and make it available for universal wireless internet. The FCC has many ideas about what this whitespace could be use for.

From the Free The Airwaves website: Read more