1. Keith R Murray

    I have several netbooks Asus,HP,Samsung, and MSI, The first three work perfectly with linux Mint But the MSI Wind U135DX does not,it cannot find the wireless driver. However the MSI works perfectly with Ubuntu 12.04.
    I have used Mint since Version 7 but now I have reached the end of the road, to me Ubuntu is unusable, I cannot configure it like I would like to. I hate Windows 7 it does not work properly on netbooks anyway,it just crawls, so it looks as if I will have to return to XP! wht couldn't Mint use the same drivers as Ubuntu,it's noy asking a lot.It would seem I am not alone with this problem MSI and Mint is a marriage made in Hell! if I could get Mint 10 and the MSI to work wirelessly I would be a very happy man.The fact that Mint 10 is no longer being supported is of no consequence to me once it is up and running


    • V. Presta

      If you are rejecting 12.04 because of unity, you can always install cinnamon. It work fine for me. Also if your wireless is broadcom I feel your pain but I did get it to work in mint and ubuntu 12.04. The forums are a great place.

  2. Tuxi

    Greats distro. but until they don't fix the update from one version to other, at least on the LTS versions, I don't take to be my major distro to work. Sincerely, it no a good situation everytime a new version come out, we have to re-install all again.

    • Dave

      Linux Mint have a Debian Edition which is a rolling release, that means it updates and you never have to install a new version ever again.

  3. jaycee

    In relation to the large amount of updates available after installation, I suspect that the Linux Mint developers use the Ubuntu packages of the final release (in this case, 26th April) as their base. The only differences between the Linux Mint release candidate and final release are packages specific to Linux Mint, and ones they test from Ubuntu.


  4. Other Linux Mint Maya screenshots here: http://linuxscreenshot.netsons.org/linux-mint-13-maya/


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