1. Denis Rouleau

    Great turorial!

    I added it to my list of highly useful URLs


  2. Herve

    Manual and automatic pogoplug mount work great on Ubuntu 14.04. Thank you very much!


    • Thanks for letting me know it works. I haven't tried it on 14.04 yet.

  3. john

    Tried this on Linux Mint 16 Mate and it worked great.
    Tried it on Fedora and nothing happens. There is not a fuse group, just a wheel group. Tried to mount Pogoplug with mount command and still does not work.
    Thanks for the info, can now access in Mint.
    All of my Linux distros are in virtual drives so if I mess one up I can just copy over a backup and try again. Still have one more to try this on, but it is also Unbuntu based so it should work on it as well.

  4. bob johnson

    100% smooth. I had tried other sites for help, including the one credited here, but this one actually works. Thanks

  5. WacoJohn

    Whoa .. found POGOPLUG folder in /media in file manager. Under that are folders of my two POGOPLUG drives and TEAM FOLDERS!! All expected content is shown in each folder. I guess I can't complain about that. Not exacly the end result I expected, but indeed ... my pogoplug iron does appear in File Manager.

    Thank you ... immensely.

    • Linerd

      Glad you got it working. :)

      I pounded my head on the desk for hours trying to get the automatic mounting to work and it was that little sleep command that finally did the magic. I'll have to go through this again soon since I just got another Pogoplug. My E02 is now running Debian with Plex Media Server to feed my smart TV.

  6. WacoJohn

    Everything went perfectly ... until "Mount the Pogoplug on Linux Automatically". I followed instruction 'to the letter' .. and have not seen POGOPLUG in File Manager since. I am on Lubuntu 12.04 using PCManFM. I have increased the sleep time to 15 .. no joy. What is most upsetting is that:

    wacojohn@ubuntuCOMPAQ:~$ sudo umount /media/pogoplug

    [sudo] password for wacojohn:

    wacojohn@ubuntuCOMPAQ:~$ pogoplugfs --user john(xxxxx)@xxxxxxxx.com --password xxxxxxxxxxxxx --mountpoint /media/pogoplug &

    [1] 1964

    (blank lines for clarity)

    does not (now) mount (or at least show in File Manager) either. It did before the 'automatic' step. Hopefully you will get back to me. If not .. hopefully 'reversing' the tutorial will take me back to the beginning. I am not a seasoned Linux user.

    Otherwise .. excellent tutorial. Worked flawlessly until I took that last step. Thank you.


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